About the IBRO

The Indiana Bigfoot Research organization is a non-profit organization. First organized by Steve and Violet Abney in 2005. It has been under a few names but the organization has always had the highest respect to land owners , law enforcement and commit to no kill research. We love our natural resources such as forest, lakes , stream, and all the wildlife within the forest. Our goal is to provide reports from around the State of Indiana, while researching areas to gather information and document it. In the Spring of 2014, Steve and Violet Abney decided due to heath issues it was time for someone else to take over the Organization. LeRoy Nail a life time resident of Morgan county Indiana excepted the challenge to help move Organization and commit to the on-going research and Growth. We are a independent Organization however we are associate the Kentucky Bigfoot Researchers lead by Lonnie Hawk

2014 into the Summer of 2016 has been a great for our organization. Over the last couple years we have gain more researchers and with all the help we have gain more evidence . we have experienced some good vocals and encounters and made some good casting along the way. Our researchers have spend countless hours at night and during the day in the forest and it has paid off. We not only know where they are now. we are trying to learn patterns when they are moving or hunting. We are watching moon phases along with weather patterns. We know now that once you spend allot of time in the area the closer they will move around you. I’m sure over more time we will continue to learn and have more experiences. I’m so looking forward to do more research and getting more evidence.

Meet Steve & Violet